Due to the expansion of the company's scale and new projects in 2018, it is necessary to significantly increase the number of personnel in each position.

Guangdong Jinzong (working place in Daqing, Zhaoqing):

Administrative Personnel Manager 1

1. Male or female, business management, business management, human resources management related undergraduate degree, more than 3 years of medium-scale manufacturing enterprise or factory personnel management experience. The writing skills are good, and the work experience of the office director is preferred.

2. Familiar with the relevant laws and regulations of the Labor Law, and understand the procedures of the safety supervision and environmental protection departments.

3. Familiar with the modules of human resources and master the management knowledge of documents and files.

4. Have good organizational skills, communication skills, and decisiveness.

Production supervisor 1

1. Have more than 5 years of management experience in mechanical equipment manufacturing, and be familiar with the operation of various office software.

2. Strong sense of responsibility, strong execution, communication, coordination, on-site command ability, etc.

3, can reasonably prepare production plans, do a good job of material tracking, team site management, can effectively control product quality and production costs.

4. Strong sense of safety production, 5S management experience, can assist the factory manager to do all kinds of management work in the factory.

1 financial supervisor

1. Finance, accounting, finance, investment, management and other majors, with accountant qualification certificate, more than 5 years of accounting work experience (including more than 3 years of financial management work experience).

2. Familiar with national financial policies, corporate financial systems and procedures, accounting computerization, proficient in relevant fiscal and tax laws and regulations.

3. Skilled ERP system, with strong ability in cost management, risk control and financial analysis.

4, good organization, coordination, communication skills and teamwork spirit, can withstand greater work pressure.

5, familiar with speed up software priority.

Electrical engineer 2

1. Proficiency in drawing electrical diagrams, electrical box drawings, familiar with the selection and arrangement of electrical components.

2, familiar with Siemens SMART200, S7300, Botu V13 programming software, with the above software independent programming, debugging work experience.

3. Familiar with Wincc industrial configuration software, and have the software to do project and debugging experience independently.

4. If you are familiar with Siemens and Vylon touch screen programming, please bring your hand on the interview and demonstrate the items you have done before.

5, with English dictation ability is better.

Mechanical design engineer, craftsman

1. Mechanical major, age 30 or above, certified, more than 5 years of design work experience.

2. Proficiency in CAD, Pro/E, SOLIDWORKS and other 2D and 3D design software.

3. Proficiency in relevant theoretical accounting, skilled preparation of technical copy and production process.

4. Familiar with pipeline technology or high-speed mixing drive and sealing technology or pressure vessel production and other experience is preferred.

5. Experience in the cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and packaging machinery manufacturing industries is preferred.

Welding engineer 1

1. Welding or mechanical major, aged over 30 years old, with qualification certificate, and relevant work experience of more than 3 years.

2, familiar with various welding processes and inspection standards, skilled in the preparation of welding processes.

3. Familiar with various welding techniques, able to conduct on-site guidance and technical training.

4. Qualification of welding engineer with pressure vessel.

5. Experience in manufacturing equipment such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals is preferred.

After-sales engineers, technicians

1, mechanical or mechanical and electrical integration and other professional, have equipment after-sales service more than 2 years of work experience.

2, skilled mechanical and electrical equipment integration technology or familiar with mechanical and electrical equipment engineering project management, can adapt to frequent business trips.

3, have a certain experience in mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance, familiar with equipment operation and maintenance, maintenance procedures and specifications and standards.

4, can carry out maintenance and troubleshooting of mechanical equipment and can work in the field, skilled use of modern office software, Auto CAD and other graphics software, office equipment.

5. Project implementation or after-sales service experience in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, packaging and other machinery industries is preferred.

6, with English dictation ability is better.

Customer Service Specialist 1

1, female, standard Mandarin, clear articulation, sweet voice, excellent language skills and communication skills.

2. Strong ability to adapt and coordinate, able to deal with urgent problems independently.

3, good service awareness, patience and responsibility, work proactive.

4, understand mechanical and electrical knowledge, customer reception and service experience is preferred.

Buyer 2

1. Familiar with ERP system, understand mechanical and electrical products, and have more than three years of purchasing experience.

2. Familiar with cost and quality control, and proficient in purchasing contracts.

3. There are supplier development capabilities.

Warehouse supervisor and warehouse manager

1. Accounting major, proficient in ERP system operation, and more than three years experience in warehouse management.

2, work carefully, proactive, strong sense of responsibility, have a strong sense of ownership.

3. Knowledge of mechanical and electrical products or mechanical equipment factory is preferred.

Quality inspection 2

1. Mechanical and electrical majors, understand drawings, and have more than 3 years of experience in mechanical processing or equipment manufacturing.

2. Proficiency in the operation of inspection and measurement instruments, tools, etc.

3, strong sense of quality control, familiar with a variety of office software and file management.

4. Familiar with inspection work flow, knowing mechanical and electrical product knowledge or welding inspection skills is preferred.

Assembly fitter

1. Mechanical and electrical majors, familiar with mechanical drawings, and have more than 2 years of assembly work experience in mechanical equipment.

2, familiar with the principle of mechanical assembly, a little understanding of mechanical assembly drawings.

2, good coordination, communication skills and teamwork spirit, strong sense of responsibility.

3. Experience in assembly of chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, packaging and other machinery industries is preferred.

CNC lathe 1

1. CNC machining major, familiar with mechanical processing drawings, and have more than 2 years of practical work experience.

2, have experience in precision parts processing, familiar with stainless steel processing.

3. Familiar with the operation experience of the machining center is preferred.

Cold work, sheet metal master, more than

1. Familiar with the picture, with more than 2 years experience in cold work of pressure vessels or experience in pharmaceutical equipment.

2, familiar with sheet metal lofting, cutting, familiar with cold assembly and other technologies.

3. Understand welding techniques such as argon arc welding.

Welding master

1. Hold various welding operation certificates and have more than one year of actual welding work experience.

2. Be familiar with one of the welding techniques: argon arc welding, secondary welding, submerged arc welding, automatic plasma welding, electric welding, etc.

3. Pressure vessel welding technology and work experience are preferred.

The trial period is 1 month, the trial period is 5,000 yuan/month; after the trial, the piece is counted (more work is more).


1. Mechanical and electrical majors, holding electrical certificates, working in mechanical electrical assembly or maintenance for more than 2 years.

2. Familiar with circuit diagrams, electrical component usage, construction, principle, performance, etc.

3, Familiar with electrical professional knowledge, familiar with electrical safety regulations and operating specifications, and can handle faults in a timely manner.

4. Those who understand PLC or have experience in industrial control electric box assembly are preferred.

Security 2

1. Under 40 years old, working experience in security of large companies.

2, have a sense of team, strong sense of responsibility, can take the factory as home.

3. Women or veterans are preferred.

Production personnel use the form of piece-rate wages (more labor and more), and other personnel use the form of monthly salary + performance award.

The above-mentioned personnel work at: No. 3, Kangtai Street, Dawang High-tech Zone, Zhaoqing, Guangdong Jinzong Machinery Co., Ltd.

Company benefits: dormitory, canteen, food allowance, monthly full attendance award, annual full attendance award, year-end award, social security, length of service, paid leave, etc.

Interested parties can bring the information directly to the door or contact: 0758-3623881, Liu Sheng 13702429637, Zhong Sheng 13535399568 (WeChat same number), QQ: 2534213710

 Guangzhou Jinzong (working place in Panyu):

Foreign Trade Commissioner 2

1. International trade, business English related majors, more than 1 year of foreign trade work experience.

2. Familiar with export business processes and customs clearance of goods.

3, fluent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, work hard and serious, coping with quick and sensitive, strong sense of responsibility.

4. Knowledge of electromechanical knowledge or cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, coatings, etc. is preferred.

Sales manager

1. College degree or above, familiar with various office software, passionate, and more than 2 years sales experience.

2. Good at communication, strong market development ability and copywriting ability.

3. High business negotiation processing ability and teamwork spirit.

4, need to adapt to business trips, marketing planning ability or related industry experience is preferred.

5. Understand project process management and bidding workers are preferred.

among them:

Cosmetics Equipment Division: It is preferred to understand the cosmetics production process or production line and have resources in this industry.

Chemical Reaction Equipment Division: Know the process flow or production line of various resin synthesis reactions, and have the resources of this industry are preferred.

Coatings and New Energy Equipment Division: Knowing the production process or production line of various coatings and new energy materials, and having resources in this industry is preferred.

Food and Pharmaceutical Equipment Division: It is preferred to understand various food and pharmaceutical production processes or production lines and have resources in this industry.

Technical support engineer

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical, automation, etc., proficient in drawing software, with more than 5 years of technical work experience.

2. Familiar with mechanical and electrical products, good at communication, and strong technical copywriting ability.

3. Familiar with mechanical design and process design; understand equipment maintenance management knowledge, process and specifications.

4, understand project process management and bidding work; need to adapt to business trips, with teamwork spirit.

5, with a certain English dictation ability.

6. Experience in project implementation and pre-sales and after-sales technical services in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, packaging and other machinery industries is preferred.

Sales assistant

1, female, skilled in operating a variety of office and network software, with a certain ability to write a copy.

2. Be careful and careful, be responsive, expressive, have strong communication skills, and be able to communicate and coordinate with customers and relevant departments of the factory.

3, understand network promotion, image processing priority.

4, have a certain propaganda planning ability is preferred.

The above personnel use the form of monthly salary + commission + performance award.

Working place: 14th Building, Headquarters Building, Tian'an Science and Technology Park, Panyu, Guangzhou Guangzhou Jinzong Machinery Co., Ltd.

Company benefits: food allowance, comprehensive subsidy, full attendance award, social security, length of service, paid leave, etc.

Interested parties please contact: 020-39900130, Miss Qiu 18902256000, Zhongsheng 13535399568 (WeChat)

Company website: www.jinzong.com.cn The electronic version of the resume can be sent to (the subject please indicate the position of the job) WeChat or QQ.

Company Profile:

Jinzong Enterprise was founded in 1999. Its Guangzhou Jinzong Machinery Company is located in Tianan Science and Technology Park, Panyu, Guangzhou. Guangdong Jinzong Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the National High-tech Zone of Zhaoqing (Dawang). The main business is the development of various industrial equipment, control system research and development, industrial engineering design and installation, import and export trade. The company owns its own production base and is a national high-tech enterprise. It has 10 Guangdong provincial high-tech products, 1 Guangdong famous brand product and dozens of product patents. The factory has passed ISO9001-2015 international quality system certification, and the products have passed the EU CE certification. The users are located in dozens of countries and regions around the world, and have been rated as “Guangdong Province Contract-Respecting and Credit-Reliable Enterprise” by the Guangdong Provincial Administration of Industry and Commerce for many years.




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