Injection syrup production line equipment:

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◆ Oral liquid refers to a single-dose filling mixture prepared by water extraction or other solvent, using appropriate methods for extraction and concentration. The general preparation process of the oral liquid preparation is that the Chinese medicinal material is extracted by the appropriate method, and after being refined, the additive is added to dissolve, mix and filter and clarify. According to the injection process requirements, the liquid can be sealed in the oral liquid bottle. Sterilization is available. The quality requirements of oral liquids are not as strict as those of water injections and infusion solutions. In the production process, the tank is divided into two paths at the same time: the first is the treatment of empty oral liquid bottles and caps; the second is the preparation of oral liquid. The two paths are brought together in the potting process, and the potting is completed for sterilization, leakage, labeling, boxing, and outer packaging, that is, the finished product. Different parts of the above process will use different equipment, including extraction equipment (such as multi-function extraction tank, high-efficiency extraction and concentration unit), vacuum concentration tank, liquid tank, sterilization dryer, bottle washer, filling machine. Wait. This chapter only describes washing and filling equipment. Need to know more welcome online consultation!

  • QN spherical concentrate tank
  • YFP configuration tank, concentrated tank, rare tank
  • JRF new vacuum paste machine
  • MLR multi-function laboratory paste machine (whole set)
  • Seed tank
  • YPB high efficiency vibrating screen
  • YFZ injection unit
  • YHA hot air circulation oven



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