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Founded in 1999, Jinzong Enterprise covers the fields of mechanical equipment design and manufacturing, intelligent control system development, engineering design and installation, automotive supplies, cosmetics, and new energy products.

 Guangzhou Jinzong Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Tianan Science and Technology Park, Panyu, Guangzhou. Guangdong Jinzong Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the National High-tech Zone of Zhaoqing (Dawang). Established a professional cosmetics equipment division, pharmaceutical equipment division, chemical equipment division, coatings and new energy equipment division, international trade division, research and development manufacturing center and after-sales service center. The main business is the development of various production equipment, intelligent control system research and development, system integration of complete automated production lines, industrial engineering design and installation, import and export trade.

Jinzong Enterprise takes "scientific and technological innovation" and "quality first" as its fundamentals and "serving customers" as its mission. The company has its own production base and is a national high-tech enterprise. It has 10 Guangdong high-tech products and dozens of product patents. All companies have passed the “standard” certification requirements of the State Intellectual Property Office. The factory has passed ISO9001-2015. The international quality system certification, the products have passed the CE certification of the European Union, and have been awarded the title of Guangdong Famous Brand Product. It has been awarded the “Guangdong Province Contract-honoring and Credit-Reliable Enterprise” by the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce for many years. The users are located in more than 40 countries and regions around the world. More than a thousand large and small enterprises are generally recognized and supported.

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Five business divisions

  • Cosmetics Equipment Division
  • Food Pharmaceutical Equipment Division
  • Coatings and New Energy Equipment Division
  • Chemical Equipment Division
  • International Trade Division

Enterprise strength

Guangzhou Headquarters Marketing Center


As the headquarters of Jinzong, the marketing center undertakes domestic and international business, and provides single-machine, intelligent control system research and development, complete equipment and production line, and turn-key service for the chemical, cosmetics, coatings and new energy, medicine/food industries.

Jinzong Engineering and Project Center


The quality of technical achievement and professionalism make it brilliant. The Jinzong Engineering and Project Center manages the factories with manufacturing capabilities. Provides manufacturing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of stand-alone equipment, complete sets of equipment, production lines and whole plants for fine chemicals, cosmetics, coatings and new energy, and medicine/food industries.

Intelligent production system


It provides industrial Internet solutions that integrate the fine chemicals enterprise informationization, automation, digitalization, Internet, intelligent manufacturing and management modes, and builds a cloud platform and big data for fine chemical enterprises. Including fine chemical industry ERP software, fine chemical industry MES software, fine chemical industry formula experiment development software LMIS, fine chemical industry bar code warehouse management software WMS, chemical industry product data management software PDM/PLM, customer relationship CRM software, supplier relationship management Software SRM software, big data intelligent analysis BI software, bar code scale feeding control system RMAC, chemical automation control PLC software and so on.

Zhaoqing Sales Center and R&D Center


The Technology R&D Center undertakes the technical research and development of the company and is committed to the safety, dispersion, emulsification, agitation, mixing, reaction fermentation, grinding equipment development, manufacturing and complete equipment output and industrial projects of cosmetics, medicine/food, chemicals, coatings, etc. Environmentally friendly and efficient solutions to meet the needs of various production processes; play an important role in the investment activities of Jinzong domestic and overseas projects, international and domestic partners, and have obtained a number of patents and won several awards.

Zhaoqing production base


The registered capital of Zhaoqing Production and Manufacturing Base is 15.15 million yuan, covering an area of over 17,000 square meters. It is a strong manufacturing platform built by Jinzong Enterprise. “It is a national high-tech enterprise. The factory has passed the ISO90001-2015 national governance system certification. The products have passed the EU CE certification and won the title of Guangdong Famous Brand Product.” Users are located in more than 40 countries and regions around the world, and have obtained more than 1,000 large and small enterprises at home and abroad. Generally recognized and supported.

Internet of Things application


The Internet of Things cloud platform is an industrial Internet cloud platform independently developed by Jinzong Enterprise. It aims to improve the reliability, availability and performance of customers' assets. By collecting the operational data of industrial automation equipment, it conducts professional calculation and data analysis for equipment terminals. Users, distributors and manufacturers provide functions such as: real-time monitoring of equipment, maintenance warnings, fault diagnosis statistics, production industry optimization, energy consumption monitoring analysis, data analysis reports, and after-sales service control and maintenance order management. Quickly enter the cloud era of the industrial Internet.

Jinzong Enterprise Design Center


Bringing together the essence elements and achieving excellent equipment--The company specializes in the design and manufacture of equipment for automatic control scheme implementation and optimization. It has accumulated 20 years of industry and manufacturing experience. It has been used by Guangdong University of Technology and other research institutes for many years. Technical R&D support, construction documents, design drawings, construction instructions, bill of materials, project budget and “turnkey” engineering services are available upon request.

Shaoguan production base


Located in Wengyuan Transfer Park, it covers an area of 30,000 square meters.

Service Center


Logistics and a variety of supporting service teams with strong professionalism.



Vacuum Emulsify Machine

Custom Reactor

Dispersion Machine

Sanding Machine

Mixing Machine

Filling Machine

Cream emulsion machine

Stainless steel storage tank

Water treatment machine

Primary fermentation equipment

Automatic production system

Cosmetics production equipment

Cream production equipment

Liquid production equipment

perfume production equipment

Lipstick production equipment

Fog tank production line equipment

Powder production line equipment

Toothpaste production line equipment

Soap production line equipment

Chemical production equipment

Alkyd resin production line equipment

Acrylic resin production line equipment

PU polyurethane production line equipment

Epoxy resin production line equipment

Polyol production line equipment

Silicone oil production line equipment

Hot melt adhesive production line equipment

Modified rosin resin production line equipment

Adhesive production line equipment

Water reducing agent production line equipment

LED raw material mixing production line equipment

Water based acrylic acid production line equipment

Water based PU resin production line equipment

Paint production equipment

Oil paint production line equipment

Ink production line equipment

New Energy materials production equipment

Lubricating oil production line equipment

Vehicle fuel tank production line equipment

Food additive production equipment

Pharmaceutical equipment

Ointment production line equipment

Syrup production line equipment

Injection and potion production line equipment

Internet application

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Headquarters Add: Tian An HI-tech Ecological Park, Panyu Dist., Guangzhou City, China
Factory Add:NO.3, Kangtai Street, Zhaoqing National High-tech Zone(Dawang),Guangdong Province
Tel: 86-758-3623881

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