Syrup production line equipment:

The Jinzong syrup production line linkage group consists of a disc bottle feeder, a drum type bottle washer, a tunnel sterilization oven, and an eight pump straight line.

Liquid filling rotary (rolling) capping machine, light inspection machine, LT vertical self-adhesive labeling machine, each single machine can also be used alone.

It is suitable for the production of different viscosity liquid packaging lines such as syrup, tincture, alcohol, health care products, beverages, sauces, etc. in the pharmaceutical, food and other industries. It can automatically complete bottle cleaning, cleaning, sterilization drying, filling and spinning. Rolling) Covering machine lamp inspection, labeling and other processes. This machine is a new generation of products developed on the basis of absorbing and digesting foreign advanced technology. The design is advanced, the structure is reasonable, the degree of automation is high, the operation is stable and reliable, the production efficiency is high, and the electromechanical integration is realized. The whole production line has strong versatility and few operators, and fully meets the requirements of GMP pharmaceutical production specifications.

The main technical parameters:

  1. Applicable specifications; 20-500ml

  2. Production capacity: 40-60 bottles / minute (four pump filling)

  60-80 bottles / minute (with eight pump filling)

  80-120 bottles / minute (with 12 pump filling)

  3. Loading error: ≤ ±1%

  4. Product qualification rate: ≥99%

  5. Water consumption: 0.6m3h 0.3-0.4Mpa

  6. Air consumption: 15m3h 04-0.6mpa

  7. Total power: ≤35kw

  8. Speed control: frequency control

  • QN spherical concentrate tank
  • YFP configuration tank, concentrated tank, rare tank
  • JRF new vacuum paste machine
  • MLR multi-function laboratory paste machine (whole set)
  • Seed tank
  • YPB high efficiency vibrating screen
  • YFZ injection unit
  • YHA hot air circulation oven



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