Cream production line equipment:

RO transparent vacuum homogenizing machine→sterile storage tank→drying and disinfecting machine→paste filling machine→aluminum foil sealing machine→shrink film machine

The mechanical equipment commonly used in cream production has an emulsifier, and the vacuum homogenizer is defined as:

Mainly refers to the material in a vacuum state, using a high shear emulsifier to quickly and evenly distribute one phase or multiple phases into another continuous phase, which utilizes the strong kinetic energy brought by the machine to make the material narrow in the fixed rotor. In the gap, it takes hundreds of thousands of hydraulic shears per minute. Centrifugal extrusion impact tearing and other comprehensive effects, instantaneously dispersed emulsification, high-frequency cycle reciprocating, and finally get a bubble-free fine and stable high-quality products.

The main components of the system:

The vacuum emulsifier is mainly composed of a water phase pot, an oil phase pot, an emulsified stirring main pot, a vacuum system, a lifting system (optional), an electrical control system (optional PLC), an operating platform, and the like.

Uses and application areas:

This product mainly applies daily chemical care products, biomedicine, food industry, paint inks, nano materials, petrochemicals, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, paper industry, pesticides, plastics, rubber, power electronics, other fine chemicals, etc. The emulsified configuration of the material with higher solid content is more effective.

Performance and features:

◆ The variety of vacuum homogenizers produced by the company is diversified, among which the homogenization system is homogeneous, homogeneous, internal and external circulation homogenization, stirring system is divided into one-way stirring and two-way stirring, ribbon stirring; lifting system Single-cylinder and double-cylinder lifting, and can customize all kinds of high-quality products according to customer requirements;

◆ Triple mixing adopts imported frequency converter to adjust the speed to meet the needs of different process production;

◆ German technology homogenization procurement, using imported double-end mechanical sealing effect, the highest emulsified speed can reach 4200 rev / min, the highest shear fineness can reach 0.2-5μm;

◆ Vacuum defoaming to make the material meet the requirements of sterility, and use vacuum suction, especially for vacuum material to avoid dust flying;

◆ The main pot lid can be equipped with lifting device, which is convenient for cleaning, and the cleaning effect is more remarkable. The pot body can be dumped and discharged;

◆ The pot body is made of three layers of stainless steel imported plates, and the tank body and pipes are mirror polished, which fully meets GMP requirements;

◆ According to the process requirements, the tank can heat and cool the material. The heating method mainly includes steam and heating;

◆ In order to ensure more stable control of the whole set of machines, the electrical appliances adopt imported configuration, which can fully meet international standards.

  • Fully automatic first-stage reverse osmosis water treatment (all stainless steel)
  • JRGP high efficiency vacuum homogenizer
  • Storage tank
  • Automatic oven sterilizer
  • Automatic paste filling machine
  • Stainless steel chain conveyor
  • Small character inkjet printer
  • Automatic round bottle labeling machine
  • Automatic aluminum foil sealing machine
  • Simple shrink film packaging machine



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