Adhesive production line equipment:

Jinzong's non-standard design ability of the stirred tank ensures the maturity and reliability of the complete set of adhesive equipment. Jinzong has provided several sets of adhesive equipment (including a stirred tank with a capacity of 7000L) and several single machines such as mixers and dispersers for a multinational company in Eastern Europe and South America, and continues to Design and manufacture new equipment. The precise control of temperature, the transportation of large quantities of powder, the choice of mixing form, the transportation and treatment of high-viscosity materials are all difficult design points. The design experience of Jinzong for more than 20 years has ensured the maturity of Jinzong adhesive equipment design capability. Reliable, it can provide you with the complete set of adhesives that meet your needs.

Process brief

There are many types of adhesives for different purposes, and the process flow is different. For example:

1. Add solvent and high viscosity solvent.

2. By airflow, a ton of powder is delivered to the stirred tank without leakage or residue in a few minutes.

3. The three-axis mixer with double-layer dispersion and three-layer paddle axial flow in accordance with the stirring slurry, the anchor mixing slurry with the wall and the spiral belt, and the material processing under the temperature control system and the pressure nitrogen protection.

4. The material is discharged from the discharge port and filtered.

5. Filling, glanding and labeling by semi-automatic filling machine become finished products.

Reactor selection reference table



Specification (L)


design pressure

Atmospheric pressure or pressure


Carbon steel, stainless steel, enamel, graphite

heating method

Jacket heat carrier electric heating, outer half tube steam heating, outer half tube heat transfer oil heating, hot water heating, infrared heating

cooling method

Jacket or inner coil refrigerant cooling

Stirring power

According to the material viscosity, liquid-solid ratio, liquid specific gravity, solid specific gravity, solid particle size, rotation speed, blade form, presence or absence of fixed baffle or inner coil, etc.

Stirring blade form

Anchor, frame, flat pulp, oblique pulp, ribbon, turbine, propulsion, or multiple forms

Shaft seal

Mechanical seal or packing seal

Internal surface treatment

Polished and not polished

Discharge valve

Flanged ball valves, upper and lower spread valves or other valves

Process nozzle opening

Manhole, sight glass, distillation port, material inlet, pressure gauge port, temperature measuring port, filling N2 port, discharging port, heat carrier inlet, coolant inlet and outlet, temperature measuring port, sampling port, emptying port, above Process requirements increase or decrease

  • Electric heating reactor
  • Outer coil reactor
  • Outer coil reactor
  • Multi-functional reaction kettle
  • High speed dispersion kettle
  • Low speed agitator
  • Glass-lined reactor



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