Modified rosin resin production line equipment:

Jinzong provides equipment and whole plant construction for resin companies. The whole set of equipment consists of supporting tank, reaction kettle, vertical fractionation column, vertical condenser, horizontal condenser, water storage tank, oil spill tank, pipeline, dilution and conditioning kettle; applicable to the production range of the entire resin, each Saturated resins and unsaturated resins such as epoxy resins, phenolic resins, polyester resins, polyamide resins, amino resins, and the like. Jinzong Electromechanical Co., Ltd. manufactures resin equipment and supplies equipment and whole plant construction for many well-known resin companies. We have a wealth of resin production experience, according to production requirements, design and configuration of different production equipment to meet user requirements. We provide complete plant output, design service production line assembly, factory reconstruction, expansion services, project management consulting services, program design services, and solve the problem of producing resin.

Introduction of resin equipment:

The main equipment is stainless steel reaction kettle, equipped with vertical condenser, horizontal condenser, water separator, reflux device, etc. The pipeline connects the equipment into an independent operation system, and the application of the condensing and reflux system is more reduced. The loss of resin during the heating process is small. 1. Stainless steel reaction kettle: widely used in solid epoxy resin, modified rosin resin and solid phenolic resin. Using high-quality stainless steel grades, the elements such as chrome and nickel contained in high-quality stainless steel plates have unique rust-proof performance and corrosion resistance. They are not affected by temperature and pressure when used in resin equipment, mainly including jacketed electric heating and heat-conducting oil. Circulating heating and inner coil heating. If the heating temperature is too high and needs to be cooled, the heat flow medium of the inner coil can be quickly switched to a cold flow medium to meet the production and process requirements in time. 2, vertical condensation column: the interior can be selectively filled with the Pall ring, the Laxi ring and the newly developed step ring, paving the way for the horizontal condenser. 3. Horizontal condenser: The heat exchange tube is equilateral triangle distribution, the rod is positioned, and the baffles are installed in different orientations, which effectively utilizes the resources and improves the heat exchange effect. 4. Water separator: Select manual water separator or automatic water separator according to process conditions, install long strip mirror in multiple observation directions, and observe and operate the unit is simple and convenient.

Operating precautions for resin equipment:

1. It is strictly forbidden to have a flammable fire point or open flame in the production workshop of the resin complete equipment, and the fireproof and explosion-proof mark shall be posted on the obvious part of the workshop. 2, special person responsible for the system: It is recommended that the operation, maintenance and regular maintenance of the resin equipment should be completed by a special person. 3, regular maintenance and maintenance: establish a sound equipment use and maintenance system, regular or irregular inspection of all sealing surfaces and pipelines. 4, in order to prevent the aftermath, the stainless steel reactor should be installed with two gauges of the same specification. All instruments and instruments in the complete set of equipment should be regularly sent for inspection, such as safety valves, pressure gauges, thermometers, level gauges, etc.

Reactor selection reference table



Specification (L)


design pressure

Atmospheric pressure or pressure


Carbon steel, stainless steel, enamel, graphite

heating method

Jacket heat carrier electric heating, outer half tube steam heating, outer half tube heat transfer oil heating, hot water heating, infrared heating

cooling method

Jacket or inner coil refrigerant cooling

Stirring power

According to the material viscosity, liquid-solid ratio, liquid specific gravity, solid specific gravity, solid particle size, rotation speed, blade form, presence or absence of fixed baffle or inner coil, etc.

Stirring blade form

Anchor, frame, flat pulp, oblique pulp, ribbon, turbine, propulsion, or multiple forms

Shaft seal

Mechanical seal or packing seal

Internal surface treatment

Polished and not polished

Discharge valve

Flanged ball valves, upper and lower spread valves or other valves

Process nozzle opening

Manhole, sight glass, distillation port, material inlet, pressure gauge port, temperature measuring port, filling N2 port, discharging port, heat carrier inlet, coolant inlet and outlet, temperature measuring port, sampling port, emptying port, above Process requirements increase or decrease

  • Electric heating reactor
  • Outer coil reactor
  • Outer coil reactor
  • Multi-functional reaction kettle
  • High speed dispersion kettle
  • Low speed agitator
  • Glass-lined reactor



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