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P: digital manufatturing is the realization of digital transformation (D: digital transformation) in the manufacturing industry. Jinzong digital manufacturing technology will change every link of the industry chain: from research and development, supply chain, factory operation to marketing, Sales and service. The digital links between designers, managers, employees, consumers, and industrial physical investment will unleash tremendous value and completely refresh the manufacturing landscape.


Production plant

From production to scheduling, production process, process flow, process management, material management, quality inspection, data statistics analysis and other processes.

1. Production module: production planning, scheduling, process

2. Material module: material basic data, inventory management, safety stock

3. Quality module: IQC test, IPQC test, FQC test

4. Report: project progress execution table, production difference report, job details, production status analysis

Bar code process management, production schedule visibility, safety stock warning, quality layer check and traceability at any time, multi-dimensional report statistical analysis, improve production management level.


Transparent factory

Production execution information management (MES)

1.Realize the process, data real-time, management visualization, and mobile.

2.Product quality data is presented in real time, traced back and forth, and controlled at all levels.

3.Support different management modes of timing and piece counting.

4.Support orders, cost accounting, and better control of order profit.

5.Data precipitation, in-depth analysis, multi-dimensional management reports, continuous improvement of production cycle, efficiency and cost reduction.

6.Constant iteration, increase non-standard scenario applications, and continuously improve product performance.


Financial management module

2. Human Resources Module

3. Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Module

4. Production operation module

5. Supply Chain and Material Module


Procurement supply chain management and collaboration

1. Powerful purchasing list, efficient management of multiple projects

2. Customized procurement project management table, convenient and efficient operation

3. Supply and demand sides inquiry, quotation, price, bargaining, price comparison, price evaluation, electronic delivery, real-time reminder of business news

4. Suppliers have no threshold to use, supplier sales orders, business information management

5. Outsourcing production progress is accurately mastered, supplier delivery risk control, collection and delivery inspection synergy, quality traceability

6. Automated reconciliation, account history

7. Supplier rating, transaction unit database specification management

8. Purchasing management electronic signage, management visualization, and mobilization

9. Data precipitation, one-dimensional report statistics support decision-making and continuous improvement

10. The sourcing center supports the demand side to quickly open the bidding source...

Automated production system

1. The automated production system is to reduce the labor of workers and improve work efficiency.

2. Increase production, reduce costs, and improve product quality.

3. Guarantee safe production.

4. Apply intelligent robots with real-world and autonomous control capabilities, with a higher level of automation marked by a flexible manufacturing system.


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  • Jinzong Automation

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Adhesive production line equipment

Water reducing agent production line equipment

LED raw material mixing production line equipment

Water based acrylic acid production line equipment

Water based PU resin production line equipment

Paint production equipment

Oil paint production line equipment

Ink production line equipment

New Energy materials production equipment

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Injection and potion production line equipment

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