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Date: 2020-04-16
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As a big country, China has a complete range of manufacturing industries, a relatively complete industrial system, and a rich variety of chemical production equipment industry products. After decades of development, China's chemical production equipment level has made remarkable progress. The crisis brought by the new coronavirus epidemic in 2020 has a huge impact on the global manufacturing supply and commodity demand. Under the multiple tests of economic operation in the epidemic era, the chemical equipment manufacturing industry will also enter a new era. Recently, Buyei plastics and Huizheng information gave an exclusive interview to Zhong riqiang, chairman of our company, on the development geometry and strategic deployment of enterprises and industries under the epidemic situation to see what the insiders said.



Zhong Dong introduced to the reporter that under the epidemic situation, jinzong machinery business was basically running normally, the progress of domestic project negotiation was basically not affected, and the orders of the factory from now to July were relatively sufficient. However, at present, the epidemic situation in foreign countries is not optimistic. Some new projects in international trade are affected by the epidemic situation and personnel exchanges to a certain extent. The later development depends on the end time of the epidemic and some uncertain international situations.



Actively fulfill social responsibility, steady and steady, help the development of enterprises           

Jinzong machinery, as a member of the chemical production equipment industry, has been steady and steady for more than 20 years, specializing in providing a complete set of production equipment solutions for the industry. Zhong Dong said that in 2019, when the economic situation at home and abroad changed significantly, especially the turbulence caused by the Sino US trade war and the further stringent domestic safety and environmental protection laws and regulations, jinzong machinery can still achieve rare achievements in the industry, which is the result of jinzong machinery's efforts to improve product quality and service quality; in addition, jinzong machinery has a group of employees with more than 20 years' experience Experienced and experienced old employees with rich application expertise and relatively perfect production chain and production conditions, which are also important factors for stable and rapid development in the period of severe epidemic.



In response to the epidemic, jinzong machinery has never been lax and has made a detailed plan. In the aspect of epidemic prevention, jinzong machinery set up a working group to prepare and implement in strict accordance with the requirements of the government for epidemic prevention and control. No matter the protective equipment, process, emergency plan, etc., they were all required to be meticulous and strict. Therefore, they were praised by the government's resumption inspection team at that time. In terms of specific response to return to work and production, jinzong machinery will organize the qualified rework personnel to work overtime and put them into production on the premise of ensuring safety. For some affected personnel who cannot return on time, remote online processing work will be arranged to reduce the impact as much as possible.            


Speaking of this, it is worth mentioning that while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and returning to work in an orderly manner, jinzong machinery has never forgotten to fulfill its social responsibility. Under strict anti epidemic measures, jinzong machinery found that in a short period of time, some enterprises have difficulties in ensuring the supply of masks, which are one of the important anti epidemic tools, as well as various inconveniences caused by the disinfection of office space. Therefore, based on the knowledge of ozone disinfection, and considering the disinfection needs and safety of people in the indoor enclosed space, jinzong machinery has urgently customized a batch of oxygen (O3) detoxification machines for the selection of enterprises and citizens, effectively alleviating some epidemic problems.



Firmly grasp the opportunity in the era of big infrastructure and never drink poison to quench thirst            

When talking about the development of intelligent manufacturing industry, Zhong Dong thinks that intelligent manufacturing is probably at the conceptual stage at present, which is not really intelligent manufacturing. In fact, enterprises should distinguish automation and intelligence. Of course, this epidemic will definitely promote the implementation of automation and the development of intelligence. Jinzong machinery will also see the situation clearly, keep up with the development trend and seize the opportunity to help the enterprise development. In addition, affected by the epidemic, the chemical equipment industry also suffered a certain impact. For the peer enterprises affected by the epidemic, Mr. Zhong called for control of expenditure and not to do disorderly competition and other thirsty things.



After the epidemic, there must be business disruption, and the crisis must be accompanied by business opportunities. Zhong Dong said in an interview that under the epidemic situation, jinzong machinery is also actively looking for opportunities in the predicament. Now, jinzong machinery has actively promoted the resumption of work and production in a high sense of safety prevention and control. The epidemic has brought about impact, also spawned a lot of new formats and forms, let everyone have more thinking about the future, jinzong machinery will also inject more new thinking, new technology, new models into products and services.



In terms of strategic layout, jinzong machinery will first stabilize the foreign market, increase the development of domestic market, increase the R & D of pharmaceutical equipment division on API equipment, and give up some low-end products. On the other hand, jinzong machinery will further strengthen the intensive cultivation of automation equipment in products in the near future, and gradually develop to intelligent manufacturing; strengthen team building in operation, and improve professional skills and management level. Finally, Mr. Zhong said that he hoped that after the market reshuffle brought about by the epidemic, all industries could develop in a more standardized and healthy way.

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