The gathering of talents | The 2019 Shanghai Coatings Show is in progress
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Date: 2019-11-19
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Author: 金宗—晓

   In recent years, the coatings industry has not only been highly competitive, but has also been affected by many safety and environmental inspections. Faced with such an environment, how to survive has become a major issue for coatings companies. On November 18th, the annual China International Coatings Exhibition was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. It gathered 35,540 visitors from 91 countries / regions and 1,291 exhibitors from 31 countries / regions to discuss the development of the coatings industry. .


The highly anticipated China International Coatings Show is in full swing. Is the appearance of Jinzong Machinery this year refreshing?


For more than 20 years, Jinzong Machinery has provided many high-quality equipment and technical solutions to resin and coating production enterprises worldwide. During the Shanghai International Coatings Show, Jinzong Machinery will focus on demonstrating its solution to the characteristics and limitations of the automatic control system using the Internet of Things technology, further improving the safe production of the chemical industry, and providing users with "intelligent, efficient and safe "Environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly" modern chemical complete intelligent equipment.


At the exhibition, Jinzong's booth was overwhelmed. It received a lot of consulting customers at home and abroad, explained the relevant characteristics, advantages and application areas of our innovative products with customers, and conducted in-depth exchanges and negotiations. Relying on the excellent performance and high cost performance of the product, Jinzong Enterprise has won the unanimous praise of many customers!


The scene was crowded and lively, and the staff was busy!


The three-day Shanghai Coatings Show is still in full swing. Welcome to our booth (E3-E55a) to experience the grand occasion of this industry exhibition. We will continue to focus on the R & D and application of chemical production equipment to solve problems and create value for users!


Hurry to the scene to explore, missed a year ...


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