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Warmly welcome students from Zhongkai University to come to Jinzong Machinery Factory for exchange and guidance!


Recently, Guangdong Jinzong Machinery Co., Ltd. ushered in a group of special guests. 191 students from Zhongkai Agricultural Engineering College led by Dean Chen Xunjun and Dr. Zhang Nuning to our factory to exchange instructions. This is the beginning of Jinzong's close cooperation with Guangdong University of Technology's School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and the establishment of a very well-established university.


Zhongkai College, founded in 1927, features modern agricultural science, agronomy and engineering as its advantages, and a coordinated development of eight disciplines in agriculture, engineering, science, economics, management, literature, art, and law. Excellent school for undergraduate teaching evaluation by the Ministry of Education and the first batch of outstanding agricultural and forestry talent education and training programs in China. The school has a long history of running schools and has a strong context. During the visit and exchange activities, the hospital attaches great importance to the school's leaders and guidance teachers and the relevant departments of our company to discuss the visit details, teaching exchange content, etc. in advance.


Due to the large number of receptions at one time, the company mobilized the capable personnel of the Chemical Equipment Division, the New Energy Equipment Division, the R & D and Design Department, the Production Department, and the After-sales Service Department to explain the equipment in detail to the students in accordance with the predetermined teaching exchange requirements. The design principles, production technology, and structural characteristics of the company show the students the spirit of the company's fine workmanship.


The Zhongkai students showed a keen interest in the rare knowledge in various books, and the meticulous and enthusiastic interaction on-site observation fully demonstrated the profound heritage of the century-old school. At the same time, the heads of the company's various departments also discussed the relevant professional knowledge with the school's leaders and teachers, so that both the school and the enterprise can reach a higher consensus on how to further develop the close connection between theory and practice.


This event made full use of the resource advantages of both sides, which not only allowed students to broaden their horizons, but also allowed Jin Zong to increase the way of theoretical verification and technical guidance, and truly achieved the government's goal of promoting the mutual benefit of universities and enterprises !!

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