Congratulations to the relocation of the head office of Guangzhou Jinzong Machinery Co., Ltd.
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    On October 21, 2019, Guangzhou Jinzong Machinery Co., Ltd. ushered in another important milestone in the company's development process-the relocation of the new office. The company's chairman, general manager, functional departments, and brother companies participated in this housewarming ceremony to witness this important moment of Jinzong Enterprise!


On the day, the housewarming ceremony began in a grand, warm, and festive atmosphere. First of all, Chairman Jin Zong Zhong Riqiang cordially extended his greetings and blessings to the guests and the staff!


Dong Zhong said that the opening of the new office is another important milestone in our two decades of development. Today, we have opened a new page in the company's development history, improved everyone's office environment, and shaped the company's external image. In the future, we will transform first-class office conditions into first-class management, first-class brand image, first-class Development performance! We must carry forward the enterprise spirit of "striving in unity, hard work and gratitude"!


Since the second half of this year, the company's business has continuously achieved new breakthroughs and achieved remarkable results. The opening of the new office today not only reflects the development and progress of our company, but also heralds the company's bright future. Today ’s house move is also a self-challenging of the company from concept to practice. We will take this as an opportunity for reform. With the construction of the business department and the change of after-sales service models, we must bring about the update of concepts and design, sales, production, and services. Really comprehensive improvement. I believe that through the joint efforts of all staff, perseverance and intelligence, we can achieve greater development and achieve more brilliant achievements!

Next, General Manager Zhong Miaoqiang also made a speech. President Zhong said that the company, under the leadership of the chairman, through the joint efforts of all employees and the care and support of the news media, suppliers, partners and friends, Jinzong customers All over the world, today Guangzhou Jinzong moved into a new office base, and its Guangzhou Weiwo company also has its own independent office building today. Today, Guangzhou Jinzong moved into a new office base, and its Guangzhou Weiwo company Today, I also have my own independent office building. In Zhaoqing, there is the rear of Jinzong in Guangdong. The troika of Jinzong is formed. In the future, Jinzong will serve the society with an updated attitude. Currently, we are in the chemical industry The department first broke the company's records and achieved a good record. It provided a piece of cake for the relocation of Jinzong in Guangzhou. The first was a satisfactory answer for the company. Colleagues hope that you can learn from the chemical industry department and submit A qualified answer sheet. Finally, I wish you all good health and the company is booming.


Next, Chairman Jin Zong and the General Manager's Office toasted the guests, and everyone celebrated and toasted.


At the same time, a "fortune red envelope" was issued to employees!


Housewarming, just for better development, let's take a look at our new home ...


The relocation of the new workplace indicates that Jinzong Enterprise has entered a new stage of development. New home, new departure! In the coming days, we will continue to write gorgeous chapters, as always with gratitude, with a heart of a child, a road, a group of people, go together!


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