Vacuum emulsifier for you to understand at a glance
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In the field of cosmetic equipment, vacuum emulsifier is a kind of complex non-standard mechanical equipment, but it can not be measured on the functions of homogenization, heating, cooling and vacuum degassing, dumping or pumping. As a purchaser and salesman, have you ever been annoyed about it? It is suggested that we have a preliminary understanding of the vacuum emulsifier by understanding its working principle, homogenizing head and mixing system. For the next purchase, sales lay the foundation!


Vacuum emulsifier is mainly composed of pretreatment pot, main pot, vacuum pump, hydraulic and electrical control system. As the name implies, vacuum emulsification refers to the use of high shear emulsifier to distribute one or more phases into another continuous phase rapidly and uniformly in vacuum. It uses the strong kinetic energy brought by machinery to make the material withstand hundreds of thousands of hydraulic shears per minute in the narrow gap between stator and rotor. Centrifugal extrusion, impact tearing and other comprehensive effects, instantly uniformly dispersed emulsification, through high-frequency cycling and reciprocating, ultimately get fine and stable high-quality products without bubbles.


The structure of emulsifier (homogeneous head) is various, and there are several kinds of emulsifier.


The structure of emulsifier is also varied, but the basic working principle of each type is roughly the same. We can illustrate by the working schematic diagram of a simple high shear dispersive (runoff) emulsifier:


The development of high shear mixing emulsifier technology has formed a new science which is different from traditional mixing, and it is also expanding its application fields and technological updates. It is praised as the "industrial revolution of mixer" by users. The core structure of Jinzong high shear mixing emulsifier is the stator and rotor system, and its structure is claw-type, which is suitable for suspended materials with relatively easy proportion. Structure and blade structure suitable for heavy and easily precipitated materials. So how to choose the mixer is very important. Different mixer structures will affect the mixing results and efficiency. We can provide all kinds of industrial mixers originally installed in Germany, which can meet all kinds of working conditions.


Type of impeller blade:


In the actual production and application, Jinzong Machinery will combine different types of impeller blades according to needs and possibilities to form various pertinent mixing systems.

The homogeneous head and mixing system used in different products will be different. How to choose the type is very important. By understanding the working principle, homogenization and mixing system of vacuum emulsifier, we can roughly measure its advantages and disadvantages in terms of sales and purchase of vacuum emulsifier. If you have more questions to understand, remember to pay attention to us! Next time, I will explain to you what aspects should be paid attention to when buying emulsifier.

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