The total production of hot melt adhesives in China increased by 9.85% in 2018.
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Yang Xun, deputy director and secretary-general of China Adhesive and Adhesive Industry Association, said at the China Hot Melt Adhesive Professional Summit Forum in 2019 that China's total production of hot melt adhesives reached 103.17 million tons in 2018, an increase of 9.85% over 2017, far exceeding China's GDP growth rate of 6.6%, and became a new material industry worthy of the encouragement and support of national policies. China's economy is resilient and has great market potential. Hot melt adhesives will develop rapidly in the fields of automatic packaging, Internet express bags, disposable sanitary materials, automobiles, building and interior decoration, convenient packaging, etc. Hot melt adhesives in mainland China will continue to grow at a relatively high rate of 8%-10% in 2019. The production of domestic hot melt adhesives is expected to reach about 1.15 million tons by 2023, accounting for 40% of global consumption.


According to Yang Xun, after 30 years of research and practice in China's hot melt adhesives industry, more than 20 products have been subdivided, and fierce competition in the market promotes continuous innovation. According to incomplete statistics, 2161 patents for hot melt adhesives and related inventions in China and 495 patents in the United States were published after September 30, 2001. Relevant process control has been improved and efficiency has been significantly improved.


The key equipment of hot melt adhesive production, such as reaction kettle, has been fully localized and has reached the international leading level. As the earliest Jinzong machinery engaged in the research and manufacture of hot melt adhesive kettle in China, it provided a set of 8000L coaxial reverse mixing melting kettle with leading level to the development of Bose gum Fendeli of Daudal Group in 2005, which greatly improved the melting efficiency and production quality, led the latest trend of hot melt adhesive kettle, and achieved good economic benefits in the past 15 years.


China's hot melt adhesives technology is generally at the advanced level in the world. All kinds of hot melt adhesives such as SBS and SIS polyether polyols have been produced domestically. Most hot melt adhesives are well supplied and cheap in China. However, China's hot melt adhesives industry is still facing the problems of insufficient brand, backward international layout and lack of international talents in the global competition. It needs to do well in performance, quality and cost.


In the view of Zhao Qingfang, director of the Hot Melt Adhesive Professional Committee and general manager of Hangzhou Renhe Hot Melt Adhesive Co., Ltd., high performance hot melt adhesives represent one of the trends in the development of hot melt adhesives.


Experts point out that the individualization and differentiation of products will be the key for enterprises to gain a firm foothold in the market. The diversified demand of the market is constantly increasing. The emerging consumption in mainland China reflects the demand of higher grade and personalized customization. The application fields of hot melt adhesives are constantly subdivided and expanded. The variety of products is also increasing. This will push the hot melt adhesives enterprises to the road of individualized product development, and force the industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading of hot melt adhesives.


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