Trend of cosmetic industry under Internet thinking
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This is an era of rapid change, and our reality is changing at an unprecedented rate. It is the Internet, especially mobile Internet technology, that is driving this change. It may be leading the most far-reaching changes in human society since the first industrial revolution.


In recent years, the two hottest words in the economic circle are undoubtedly "Internet thinking" and "big data". Under the tide of "Internet thinking", the cosmetics industry, which is in close contact with consumers, is changing faster. For example:


Five years ago, you didn't expect Wechat to be so popular, did you? Will microblogging be so popular? As a cosmetics industry closely related to consumers, which belongs to the fast moving consumer goods industry, is also experiencing changes - cosmetics brands that originally rely on off-line counters have opened up e-commerce channels, and many "cold" international brands have entered e-commerce platforms. At the Shanghai International American Expo held on May 6, 2019, we learned that the cosmetics market grew by 10.9% to 75.3 billion yuan in the first quarter of 2019 through consumption transformation and upgrading, combined with various new marketing methods. This shows that although the prospects of many industries are uncertain and the overall market economy is developing slowly, the cosmetics industry still maintains a rapid growth trend.


Under the background of the cosmetic industry, especially the cosmetic market, the contribution of cosmetic equipment is of course indispensable. How to meet the ever-expanding market demand under increasingly stringent regulations and ensure the higher requirements of cosmetic quality and output has become a compulsory course for production equipment. Through more than 20 years of industry experience, Jinzong Machinery accurately grasps the market pulse, jumps out of the simple concept of "automation" and "intelligence", and develops in advance from the direction of building the Internet of Things using big data technology, in order to meet the ever-increasing market demand. This exhibition, Jinzong Machinery's advanced technology and ideas, attracted the deep attention of cosmetic professionals, changed the lively phenomenon at many exhibitions, all stayed to seriously discuss, but also for the future development of equipment to provide a lot of valuable advice, harvest is very rich.


The era of reform has quietly affected cosmetics, giants also know how to change faster to adapt to change. Under the Internet thinking, personalized customization based on meeting the characteristics of consumers'needs and achieving some spiritual resonance will become a trend. At the same time, the iteration of products will be faster, "only fast but not broken" in the rapidly changing Internet perspective, and "fast" based on users' needs will become so indispensable.


In a word, the biggest characteristic of Internet thinking is user thinking.

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