Looking back for 30 years, accompanied by 20 years, create Bai Chunhui
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The traditional advantages have gone, what is the future development?


On May 20, at the 30th Anniversary Commemoration Conference of Guangdong Coatings Industry Association, Jinzong Machinery received a heavy Medal - Guangdong Excellent Coatings Equipment Brand. Honour, caused us to think more.


The celebration celebrations of Guangdong Coatings for 30 years have brought together the paint industry and upstream and downstream. Guangdong, which accounts for 20% of the total production of coatings in the country, has the largest number of well-known paint brands in the country. Therefore, the sparks of ideas collided at this festival are helpful to the coatings industry and even the whole chemical industry.


Over the past 30 years, Guangdong paint industry has been developing at a high speed, has been accompanied by 20 years of Jinzong machinery, but also witnessed a brilliant course of the paint industry. Looking back on the TV tower brand of Guangzhou lacquer making, the Qingzhu brand of Hongyun Chemical Industry, the gold brand of Guangzhou ink, etc., the reaction kettle, disperser, grinder and experimental instrument provided by Jinzong Enterprise also contributed a part to those old brands. With the booming growth of new local brands such as exhibition, Budds, Gabriel, etc., and the strong entry of foreign brands such as Basf, Aksub Nobel, Libang, etc., the market has been constantly developing and changing.


With the rising price of raw materials, stricter environmental protection and security policies, international trade wars and other adverse factors, the coatings industry across the country is suddenly facing a glacier of development. Yan Yongjiang, Secretary-General of China Painting Association, said in his speech at the conference: "Under the background of the deep adjustment of national macro-economy and the dramatic change of market environment, the traditional competitive advantages of Guangdong coatings such as cost, scale and market formed over a long period of time are gradually weakening. What is the way to go in the future?" Chen Bing, president of the Provincial Tu Association, said: "If we start again in 30 years, we must rethink the value of enterprises and industries, and we must reshape the ideal and vision of enterprises." Lu Shuilie, secretary-general of Guangdong Painting Association, put forward in the industrial development report that "promoting the high-quality development of Guangdong coatings industry is the way for Guangdong coatings industry to change from quantitative to qualitative and achieve a strong coatings province."


As one of the key supporting industries in the paint industry, production equipment industry, what is Jinzong Machinery doing? We believe that a good product must have three elements: raw materials, technology and equipment. Jin Zongcai has more than 20 years of industry experience and adapted to the new situation, has developed a series of automation production lines equipped with Internet of Things. They have not only resin synthesis equipment suitable for raw materials production, but also paint production line suitable for products production. Based on domestic and international experience, Jin Zongcai has launched cross-border engineering installation services, and has achieved many user projects in dozens of countries.


Jin Zong is grateful to all users, associations and colleagues from all walks of life. He will continue to be down-to-earth and innovative, provide sharp tools for the paint industry, and work with the paint industry to meet the challenges of future development and create a century of brilliance.

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