Recommendation: how to select the appropriate reactor motor?
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Date: 2020-03-20
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Author: 金宗—晓

Enamel and stainless steel reactor equipment are widely used, whether it is a complete set of resin synthesis equipment, adhesive equipment, solvent production equipment in the chemical industry, API and intermediate synthesis equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, or negative material equipment in the new energy industry, or mixing and mixing equipment in the paint industry and cosmetics industry And so on, all can not be separated from the reactor. The power heart of the reactor is the electric motor. If the inappropriate motor is selected, it will directly affect the production progress or damage the equipment. Today, the manufacturer of jinzong mechanical reaction kettle told you several key points of selecting reaction kettle motor:

1. Power selection:            

The torque is determined according to the maximum viscosity of the material (the reaction is dynamic, and the viscosity will also change), the density of the material, the solid content ratio of the material, the blade diameter of the agitator, the blade structure, the front section area, the mixing speed, the impact load, etc., and the safety margin is calculated by 0.5 times of the maximum torque, and the corresponding power of the mixing motor is finally determined to ensure the normal operation of the equipment Use and service life.

2. Speed selection:            

According to the mixing speed and torque requirements of the application, the appropriate matching selection of motor and reducer is carried out, and the speed selection of motor is finally determined.

3. Selection of safety protection level:

This is also very important. According to the safety level requirements of the application, site environment, material characteristics, etc., select the safety protection level of the motor. Generally, the vast majority of reaction kettles need to be equipped with intrinsically safe explosion-proof motor, and the specific level can guarantee the use safety according to the actual requirements.

4. Selection of installation mode:

according to the conditions of the workshop and equipment layout requirements, vertical or horizontal installation structure shall be selected, and the connection with the reducer shall also be considered.

5. Requirements of the control system for the motor:

different special motors shall be selected according to the starting mode, stop requirements, speed regulation mode, etc., especially for the long-term low-speed operation or the occasions with start stop requirements.

6. Requirements of power supply for motor:

select rated voltage and frequency according to the configuration of local power supply.            7. Selection of energy consumption level, use verification standard and other requirements, etc.



The above points are the parameter requirements that need to be provided to businesses when purchasing reaction kettle or reaction kettle motor. For more details of reaction kettle, you can directly consult jinzong customer service personnel or telephone contact, specializing in the production of stainless steel reaction kettle manufacturers, dedicated to your service!

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