Jin Zong attended the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition and upgraded the pharmaceutical m
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June 18, 2019, the 14th World Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Equipment and Materials China Exhibition officially opened in Shanghai! It is the largest pharmaceutical machinery exhibition in the world. The dazzling array of intelligent equipment on the spot also reflects our current pharmaceutical level to a certain extent.



Doctor treatment can not be separated from drugs, and the quality of drug production has a vital impact on patients. At that time, Jinzong will attend the 14th World Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition in 2019 with comprehensive solutions for the pharmaceutical industry and a number of new industrial automation products developed in recent years, which will contribute to the upgrading of the pharmaceutical machinery industry. Jinzong has provided professional solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers, which can improve the efficiency of drug production in an all-round way. At the same time, Jinzong has created a production visualization management system to implement the intelligent and visual upgrade of pharmaceutical production.


General Zhong of Jinzong-Pharmaceutical Department said that with the promotion of supply-side reform in the pharmaceutical industry, the new policies of the pharmaceutical industry have been introduced frequently, and more stringent upgrade requirements have been put forward for the pharmaceutical machinery and equipment at the pharmaceutical production end. Jinzong is well versed in the development of intelligent manufacturing and has worked in the pharmaceutical machinery industry for many years. It can provide high-value solutions for the development of pharmaceutical equipment enterprises, help the transformation and upgrading of customers in the pharmaceutical machinery industry, break through the bottleneck of development, and create more intelligent pharmaceutical machinery equipment.



Facing the development of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment towards intellectualization, high speed and high efficiency, Jinzong put forward the solution of comprehensive application of pharmaceutical machinery, which was highlighted in this exhibition. The scheme integrates many kinds of heavyweight products such as metering device, reaction synthesis device, process pipeline device, automatic control system and Internet of Things system of Jinzong specialty, and establishes an overall framework solution from equipment layer to control layer and then to management layer, which can meet the application requirements of various pharmaceutical machinery equipment in the industry, such as concentrator, reaction equipment, automatic feeding of vacuum paste making equipment, and so on. Discharge, cleaning system and so on, so as to enhance the intelligent production capacity of pharmaceutical machinery.



At the same time, Jinzong also displayed the visual management solution of pharmaceutical production in the form of TV wall on the spot, which can display the operation information of remote production equipment in real time, meet the needs of production line personnel to evaluate and understand the information on the production site, and improve production efficiency. The solution can also collect data on the energy consumption of pharmaceutical equipment, achieve standardization of equipment exchange, transparency of information and number. Word-based and efficient intelligent equipment management objectives.



During the three-day exhibition, pharmaceutical professionals are welcome to visit the C76 Jinzong exhibition stand in N4 Hall to enjoy the new trend of Intelligent Manufacturing in the future.



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