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Women will do whatever they can afford to enhance their beauty, something DNA Clinic Vechagrum understands well. So it has imported advanced treatment technology to persuade customers to pay as much as Bt3 million for a beautiful and younger face.
"One of our customers swiped her credit card one time to cover the Bt3-million cost of a beauty course of gold-thread lift, and another one came to our clinic with Bt1.4 million cash in her handbag, saying, 'Can you beautify my face with this amount of money?' These are among our impressive experiences," said Wasin Siriratana, managing director of DNA.

Wasin said his business principle was to offer customers premium treatment and products and a satisfaction guarantee. He has no plan to expand his business rapidly as others do, operating only two outlets in Bangkok currently. Instead, he concentrates on finding suitable products and technology and qualified doctors from around the world to serve customer's needs. 

DNA Clinic is a specialist in gold thread lift treatment, and claims that it is the country's first business to import this advanced beauty-treatment science. It serves not only wealthy customers in Thailand but also millionaires and politicians in neighbouring countries such as in Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. However, these foreign customers have to fly to Bangkok for the special treatment.

Gold thread lift is a skin-rejuvenation technology that reduces wrinkles, restores skin firmness and makes the patient look younger. The technology use 99.99-per-cent-pure gold brocade with a very small diameter, only 0.1 millimetre, to be implanted into a skin layer. The gold thread helps stimulate production of collagen. 

DNA Clinic brought in Dr Pawel Koziczynski from Poland, who developed this technology. Copyright of this special treatment has been registered in Thailand. Moreover, the company has formed a business alliance with a Japanese doctor to provide health and treatment consultancy for special breast surgery. 

Wasin, 37, looks forward to the government's policy to set up Thailand as a regional medical hub after successful implementation of the Asean Economic Community in 2015.

Currently, major services of DNA include gold thread lift, stem-cell treatment, and other beauty treatment. In addition, the company imports vitamins and food supplements to serve its customers' need for beauty enhancement.

Growing demand has prompted Wasin to think of business expansion into key provinces such as Udon Thani and Phuket, as well as Bangkok. The clinic in Udon Thani could serve customers from Laos and other neighbouring countries, as well as Thais living in the Northeast. This clinic would require a higher investment than the normal outlay of about Bt40 million.

The company reported revenue of Bt90 million last year and forecasts Bt120 million this year. It targets Bt150 million next year. Total market value of this business is Bt15 billion and rising. 

Revenue growth will come from business expansion, and interested parties in Laos have approached the company about opening a clinic there, while customers from Cambodia are increasing, now numbering 30 people per month. It has already formed partnerships in Malaysia. 

"We are considering a 'flying doctor' service for customers in Vientiane and Cambodia instead of their flying to Bangkok, but it depends on cost and equipment [requirements]," Wasin said.

DNA has the equipment and operating-room facilities to accommodate business expansion for one or two years.

Wasin, who once worked as a financial adviser, said people in Asia were getting richer through the "Asian miracle" in contrast to the US economic downtrend and the euro-zone debt crisis. Therefore, money will flow into Asia and create big business opportunities.

However, Wasin cannot move rapidly to keep up with the trend, as his highest concern is quality. The lack of professional experts and doctors in this field has been a major obstacle to expansion. His two clinics in Bangkok have only three cosmetic doctors. 
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