Designer cosmetic contact lenses are the new style statement
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I have been wearing contact lenses from the age of thirteen and come from an era when soft contact lenses required three different solutions for cleaning and soaking. The affordability factor and easy maintenance has given rise to the industry of cosmetic lenses. Designers like Hiromu Uetake are taking it a step further with coming out with designer lenses that do more than just correcting your vision.

They hope to keep the trend of dressing up your eyes alive! Imagine sporting eyes that look straight out of a cat-suit, or distinctly enhanced pools of vivid lights. With designer branding and innovative styling, contact lens manufacturers like Livin Proof and Sincere are hoping to cash in on the trend of cosmetics for your eyes. They are pulling no stops and even marketing their wear specifically to men.

By positions their lenses as cosmetic enhancements akin to wearing an eyeliner or sporting tattoos, designers and manufacturers are looking at netting in those demographics that are fashion conscious. In more ways than one they have been successful in sparking if a trend among the youth. This probably has to with the fact that most lenses make eyes (iris) appear larger that what they are. We are well aware of the Japanese obsession with bigger looking eyes. Be it batting false eyelashes or redefining with skilful makeup; people here know it all. So we may as welcome this new trend of eyes that look like leopards spots! What do you say?

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