The announcement of the May red flag of Jin Zong enterprise
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The honor list of the advanced units in May 2018

Advanced department: After Sales Department
In this month, after service, the after-sale department can carry out and implement all kinds of work with the idea of customer first, service first, "people-oriented and customer first". It plays a key role for the company's product basic management, to work hard for the quality of the company's product service and to establish the reputation of the brand service. In the company's comprehensive evaluation of various departments' work in May, they won the "red flag" of the "advanced department". We will continue to make efforts to improve our quality and provide better and efficient service to our customers.

Advanced group: 1 class riveting
In this month's workshop production, the 1 class of riveting can work more carefully and carefully, reduce errors in production process, and pass rate is higher. In the comprehensive evaluation of the work done by the production department in May, the Ministry of production won the "red flag" of the "advanced team". The 1 class of rivet welding continues to work hard, constantly improving the level of technology, improving work efficiency, reducing waste, strict quality control, and striving for better results.
All staff can realize that the good product is done instead of checking out, setting up the correct concept of "quality, efficiency, benefit", developing the spirit of "creating excellence first", forming a positive outlook on life value, and creating a new enterprise that "good people are good enterprises, good enterprises and good people" Culture!


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